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Fontaine-Aquanox's series 20 is a four sides sealing water control gate for submerged applications, entirely fabricated from stainless steel and UHMWPE. This is a highly versatile flow control gate with various types of mountings for various flow control applications. The series 20 can be designed to the required seating and unseating heads.


  • Wastewater 

  • Potable Water

Series 20 Fontaine Slide Gate
  • Because of its stainless steel construction, the series 20 has high corrosion and erosion resistance and can be operated for many years with minimum maintenance. Fabricated stainless steel provides virtually limitless design flexibility. The result is a lighter weight and easier-to-install gate.

    • The stainless steel frame on the series 20 is a flange back type available in open or self-contained configurations, providing a solid one-piece gate.

    • The rigidity provided by the flange back frame makes it easier to handle in transportation and installation with less risk of distortion.

    • The seal bolting is completely separated from the flange anchoring, allowing the flange to be modified to better suit all particular applications. This feature also allows the gate to be completely factory assembled as well as tested for operation and leakage before being shipped. It also eliminates any on-site assembly and adjustments.

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