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Passaic Valley Old Sludge Storage project involved replacing a number of 2” through 20” plug valves in sludge service.

Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC) has some of the most severe wastewater conditions in the United States in portions of their plant. For several years the commission has partnered with DeZURIK to replace other brands plug valves that have failed in this service. Issues often revolved around round port plug valve seat and stem/actuator material failures.

After careful consultation it was decided to install DeZURIK metal seated, ductile iron body plug valves in places where lesser quality brand named valves had failed. A track record of success soon followed and PVSC was able to reap the benefits of valves having extended service life in this heavy sludge/grit application.

In working with PVSC and consulting engineer HDR, DeZURIK metal seated plug valves were specified for the Old Sludge Storage project. The project bid in April of 2019 and Spectraserve was awarded the project. Tek-Sales and DeZURIK worked closely with Spectraserve to get quick approved submittals and on time delivery of the plug valves involved.


The plug valves have a solid 316 Stainless Steel plug which seats on a ½ inch wide nickel seat in the valve body. The metal plugs are machined and lapped specifically for each valve producing the best metal seated leak rate available in the industry, drip tight in most cases.

This project also involved some innovative actuation solutions due to the tight space many of these valves would be installed in. Various actuator arrangements were required from simple levers to buried gear and extensions to a floor stand with handwheel. Auma electric motor operators were also provided on some 8” DeZURIK plug valves.

PVSC will be able to rely on these DeZURIK valves in one of their toughest wastewater applications for decades to come. Compared to cheaper valves downtime and material cost associated with repair and replacement of them, DeZURIK valves will provide the commission with the best cost of ownership available through the service life of the plug valve.

Passaic valley water treatment project
Passaic valley water treatment project
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