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Mud Valves

In water and wastewater treatment, the reliability of mud valves is critical. Troy Mud Valves stand out for their durability and efficiency. They ensure reliable performance in demanding environments with a robust design, rigorous in-house quality control, and features like innovative dirty water escape and a bubble-tight seal. Additionally, their advanced casting process and easy maintenance, including a unique grout pocket feature for complete tank emptying, make them a preferred choice in the industry, where avoiding valve failure is essential. 

  • Ionic arch shape

  • Made in America

  • Low torque stem

  • Hydraulic relief slots

  • Resilient gasket to metal seat

  • Cast design 

  • Modular plug/seat design

  • Grout Pocket 

  • Troy valve is NSF61 & ISO Certified

Troy valve cast iron epoxy coated mud valve
  • The Troy Valve Cast Iron Epoxy Coated Mud Valve is a robust and reliable solution for effective water management in potable and wastewater systems. Engineered for durability and ease of use, this valve is an essential component for efficient fluid control. 

  • Compatible with a 2" square nut, sleeve coupling, hand wheel, and floor stand, offering flexible operation options.

  • Patented design forms a bubble-tight seal that won’t leak, even when minor debris obstructs the valve.

  • TNEMEC Epoxy coating offers a superior mud cast protection. It meets NSF-61 standards and ensures long-term performance.

Troy valve stainless steel mud valves
  • Stainless steel mud valves are designed for heavy duty uses ranging from very corrosive environments to potable drinking water plants.

  • All mud valves are 3rd party tested by an ACLASS accredited ISO certified lab.

  • All components are cast in 316 stainless steel. Construction has been proved to resist corrosion over long periods of time. 

  • Stem is made of ACME threads which have been shown to have reduced stress concentrations providing longer valve longevity compared to cut threads. The plug valve also utilizes hydraulic relief slots, a critical feature for sludge drainage. 


  • Floor stands are used for floor level operation of mud valves. They allow easy use and indication of your valve.

  • Troy valve floor stands are made of 304 or 316 Stainless Steel and Cast Ductile Iron.

  • All floor stands have the capacity for the following customizations:

    • ​Fabricated to desired height

    • Rising, non-rising or offset configurations

    • Indicating or non-indicating

    • 83, 144, and 288 turn options

    • Pre-machined to accept electric or manual actuators

    • Water tight model

    • Bushed guide plate at base for stem guidance

    • Handwheels or operating nuts

extension stems.png
  • Extension stems bring the operation of the mud valve closer to the operator, making it faster and safer to open the valve.

  • Troy valve extension stems are made of carbon or 304/316 stainless steel, solid bar stock or pipe

  • All extension stems have the capacity for the following customizations:

    • Field adjustable–no welding required

    • U-joints for offset applications

    • Handwheels, operating nuts, couplings, and stem guides

Troy valve mud valve floor boxes
  • Floor boxes are installed in a concrete floor or slab and offer a non-obstructing point of operation for the valve. These should only be used with non-rising stem valves.

  • All Troy valve mud valve floor boxes are made of cast iron

  • Troy valve mud valve floor boxes have the capacity for the following customizations:

    • Bronze bushing bored to specification

    • Field adjustable to 8”, 10”, or 12” floor thickness

mud valve stem guides.png
  • Troy Valve stem guides prevent bending or buckling for reliable inline operation of the extension stem.

  • All Stem Guides are made of Cast Ductile Iron or cast stainless steel. The bushings are either bronze or UHMW

  • Troy valve stem guides for mud valves have the capacity for the following customizations:

    • Custom bushing materials

    • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations

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