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DeZURIK, APCO, HILTON and Willamette

Four of the most trusted brands in the valve industry.

Our high-quality products and team of experts make us a global leader in manufacturing valves for water treatment, sewage treatment, water distribution, pulp and paper, chemical and petrochemical, mining, power, hydropower dams, and other process industry valves. Customers worldwide have come to trust DeZURIK, for its design innovation, quality, and service.

DeZURIK designs and manufactures more valves for the markets we serve than anyone else.  High-Performance AWWA                          . Eccentric                    . V-Port Ball Valves. Rotary Control Valves.                             , and                                 . With the addition of APCO and Willamette, we now offer additional industry-leading products including                       ,                               ,                                                

We are the most experienced and trusted valve manufacturer for New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) as well as Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission, Syracuse Metro WWTP and many others.


Over the years, just as our product lines have evolved, so has our production process. DeZURIK operates a modern plant equipped with up-to-date production equipment that is devoted solely to the production of our valves and related products. Our experienced workforce is dedicated to producing quality products and on-time service.

To improve the utilization of our resources, new manufacturing, quality assurance, and through-put programs are continually implemented to ensure responsiveness and prepare for growth opportunities in the future. Our goal is a service-oriented operating style that recognizes both market needs and the specific requirements of each order.

DeZURIK is committed to the needs of our customers – wherever they may be. With our worldwide network of expert sales representatives, seasoned engineers, and a dedicated manufacturing staff, the extent of our commitment knows no boundaries.

Because success depends on understanding a customer’s process from the inside out, we establish focused solutions for every customer. Our ability to provide both standardized and custom-engineered solutions allows us to meet the critical needs of every application.

We meet with customers face-to-face, listen to their needs, and work together to find solutions. This is why our customers become essential sources of input as DeZURIK eagerly responds to new industries and applications with products that ensure durability and reliability.

Through the years many things have changed, in our business and in our industry. But one thing that will never change is our passion for innovation, commitment to quality, and dedication to superior service.

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