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Efficiency, Reliability and Consistency.

These are the pillars that help ACME stand above the competition.

ACME has been manufacturing automatic and manual strainers for over 30 years and specializes in automatic scraper-strainers for intake, process and effluent filtration.


ACME is an integrated manufacturer, encompassing mechanical, electrical and electronic manufacturing capabilities within the same company. We have a wide range of standard products but distinguish ourselves by providing custom solutions with ease and minimal additional cost.

The ACME team has an extensive network of representatives across North America to serve you. Their presence in Europe, Asia and Central and South America also continues to grow each year.

ACME Scraper Strainers are designed to remove solids from 150mm in size all the way down to 75-micron particles. They offer various connection options from 1″ up to 48″ in stainless steel, fabricated carbon steel and alloys such as Monel and Alloy 20.


We are Here to Help!

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