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In coordination with the NYC DEP and Black & Veatch engineers Tek-Sales/DeZURIK provided valve and water control design assistance for the North River 38 project.

The project involved installing a new main sewage pump train to increase the pump total from 5 to 6. As a part of this work a new 48 inch cone valve was installed, and the isolation gate valves would be re-actuated.

The existing 5 main sewage pumps were be refurbished to include the 48 inch Rodney Hunt Cone Valves. The electro-hydraulic actuators were damaged by water intrusion during superstorm Sandy. NYC DEP wanted to use hydraulic cylinders at the valves and locate the Hydraulic Power Units above the flood level. Dezurik/Hilton and Tek-Sales designed a valve /HPU system to accomplish this design criteria. Every two cone valves were to be powered by a dedicated HPU for a total of 3 HPU’s.

The DEP also wanted to change the isolation valve actuation for each main sewage pump. The existing actuators were electric motors which were also damaged by water intrusion. The new design changed these to hydraulic motors powered by a dedicated isolation gate valve HPU for all 12 gate valves.

Tek-Sales worked with Yonkers Contracting who placed the order for the valves and HPU’s in the summer of 2017. We worked closely with all parties to get Furnish as Submitted responses to product submittals for both valves and HPU’s which went into production later that year.

The retrofitting of the existing 48 inch Rodney Hunt cone valves was an interesting part of this job. Rondey Hunt stopped making cone valves several years ago. The company that bought them from India, JASH, has no manufacturing or refurbishment capability for cone valves. DeZURIK/APCO/Hilton conducted a series of site visits to design a solution to operate these with skid based HPU’s replacing the electro-hydraulic actuators. This was a detailed process but a successful one to date.

DeZURIK’s experience and resources assisted in the design, specification and construction of these main sewage pump isolation and control valves. The DeZURIK Hydraulic Power Units

and a combination of new and retrofit valves now are in service and provide critical infrastructure for Manhattan.

NR-38 Cone Valve HPU
NR-38 Dezurik Hilton HPU for Gate Valves
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