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When it comes to the most robust and energy-efficient control valves on the market, Dezurik’s metal seated Cone and Ball valves lead the market. Dezurik/Willamette AWWA Metal Seated Ball and Metal Seated Cone Valves are used for pump stop/start and check service, controlling flow discharge to prevent pressure surges in municipal water and wastewater systems. Also highly recommended for high velocities (above 15 FPS) flow control or buried service with critical isolation applications. Dezurik’s Ball and Cone valves have been in service for critical applications such as NYC DEP plant main sewage pump control for well over 50 years with remarkable reliability. 

Dezurik/Williamette AWWA Metal Seated Ball and Cone Valves are proudly made in the USA.


The Willamette AWWA Metal Seated Ball Valve (VBL) is the absolute premium quality valve for municipal applications. Water and sewage districts the world over recognize it as the best valve available for performance and reliability in critical service applications. The Willamette Metal Seat Ball Valves is available in sizes 6-60” (150-1500mm). Standard design pressures are up to 300 psi (2070 kPa). It is a heavy-duty valve built especially for pump stop and check, pressure regulating, flow control and critical shut-off service. It is a superior valve because of its unique design features, uncompromising use of quality materials and the precision of its fabrication and assembly. This Ball Valves have a full bore, unobstructed waterway resulting in the lowest (negligible) amount of head loss compared to any inline plug, gate, butterfly, or check valves. 


Willamette Metal Seated Cone Valves are built to last under the most severe conditions. They are 100% full port, conical plug type valves with a circular waterway through both body and plug in the full open position. Each valve consists of a tapered cone/plug that fits precisely into a mating body. Valves can have a Double Seat Plug with the seat in the closed position as standard or an optional Four Seat Plug with a seat in both the open and closed position. Valves can be furnished with Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic or Manual Handwheel operators

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