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Tek-Sales and DeZURIK partnered with CO Falter to provide valve for the Oneida WPCP project. The project was phased over several contracts and is still ongoing.


To date numerous combinations of DeZURIK plug valves, check valves and High Performance butterfly valves have been installed.

Some interesting applications were requested by the owner and engineering team. Tek-Sales and Dezurik designed automated pump control valves for several of the larger main sewage pumps. These were designed to be pneumatic and have the normal open and closed cycle time adjusted to be longer than 10 critical periods for surge fee operation. Additionally an emergency close option was required in the case of power failure.

Pump isolation valves varied from manual plug valves up to 36” on influent lines to 100% port 24” plug valves with Limitorque actuators for discharge isolation service.

Aeration lines used Dezurik model BHP High Performance butterfly valves with 316 SST bodies. These were actuated with a mix of handwheel, chainwheel and electric operators.

Many smaller lines incorporated DeZurik 100% port manual plug valves and high performance lever and weight swing check valves.

DeZURIK products performed admirably for this plant for many years where cheaper valves failed causing service and maintenance issues. The quality difference was instrumental in choosing what manufacturer would supply the valves for this important series of projects.

Oneida Tek-sales project
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