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Eccentric Plug Valves

Dezurik Eccentric Plug Valves are the premier Plug Valve on the market today. Since 1933, when Dezurik invented the plug valve to solve the issue of suspended solids ruining the standard valve design of the day in a paper plant in Sartell Minnesota, Dezurik has been the industry leader. Dezurik’s Plug Valve can be found in nearly every wastewater treatment plant in North America. Often the valves have been in service for decades providing a superior cost of ownership. Cheaper brands quality issues cause multiple failures which cost the facility time, money and regulatory issues. You get what you pay for.


Dezurik Eccentric Plug Valves are designed with a rectangular port and a cylindrical plug. The advantage is that as the valve is pressurized the plug will flex. This port design, in combination with a ½” wide, flat, nickel seat in the body, allows the seat location on the plug to move as this flex occurs without pressing into or delaminating the resilient material. Round port designs routinely have this issue resulting in the tearing of seats and ultimately valve failure and frustrated plant personnel.

The packing system is also unique in the industry as it allows the owner adjustment as wear occurs. Once it is time to replace the packing this can be done without removing the valve from service or any disassembly of the valve. User friendly is an understatement.

Dezurik’s Plug Valve shaft, gears, and associated actuation options are also over-engineered and built to take a pounding.

These quality features and more are why Dezurik is the only named Plug Valve for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) and other municipalities that value quality over price. They are also made right in Sartell Minnesota. Made in the USA!

Dezurik Eccentric Plug Valves are available in 80% or 100% port, with multiple options of seat and other materials of construction and with a wide range of actuation options.

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