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Dezurik Hilton Custom Knife gate valve

Dedicated Dezurik/Hilton engineering and manufacturing focus exclusively on fabricated valves. Models include Knife Gate Valves to 144″ (3700mm), Custom Knife Gates to ANSI Class 900, and temperatures to 2,000º F (1,090º C).

Dezurik/Hilton Fabricated Knife Gate valves have been a mainstay on critical infrastructure projects for over 60 years. The unquestioned quality leader in the industry, these valves form the backbone of systems such as the Catskill Delaware watershed, NYC DEP wastewater treatment plants, and many others.


Fabricated construction allows unlimited design flexibility for compliance to U.S. and International Standards. Valves can be built of any weldable alloy with selection based on specifications, media, and operating conditions. The use of certified plate material assures design integrity and final valve quality. Plate material is also well suited to the application of special purpose coatings and hard facings which are applied in the Dezurik/ Hilton plant.

Valves are designed for application ensuring engineering requirements are exceeded. Installations range from WWTP Main Sewage Pump Isolation to hydro blowoff and throttling.

Dezurik/Hilton full range manufacturing capability includes in-house Fabrication, Welding, Hard Facing, Machining, Assembly, Testing, and Quality Control. Welding is by Certified Welders. Material and Test Certificates are available on all Dezurik/Hilton Valves. Dezurik/Hilton Engineering brings together the full range and scope of Knife Gate and Fabrication experience with state-of-the-art design capability including Solid Works and Auto Cad Design and Finite Element Analysis to assure valve design and performance that meets exacting specifications and performance criteria. Products are designed and manufactured to U.S. or International Design, Dimensional and Piping Standards and to specific customer specifications as required.

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