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Valve Operators and Accessories

Penn-Troy offers everything you need to make the operation of your valves as smooth as possible, no matter the application requirements. They provide both manual and automated systems, precise and gross visual indication, extension stems, stem guides and more. 

  • Floor stands are used for floor level operation of valves.  

  • Floor stands are available in various models, such as rising, non-rising with indication, offset or quarter turn.

  • Troy valve floor stands are made of 304 or 316 Stainless Steel and Cast Ductile Iron.

  • All floor stands have the capacity for the following customizations:

    • ​Fabricated to desired height

    • Rising, non-rising or offset configurations

    • Indicating or non-indicating

    • 83, 144, and 288 turn options

    • Pre-machined to accept electric or manual actuators

    • Water tight model

    • Bushed guide plate at base for stem guidance

    • Handwheels or operating nuts


  • Lightweight and portable.

  • This simple T-wrench design costs less and requires less maintenance.

  • Made of steel and stainless steel.

  • Custom length t-handles tailored to your application

Valve Stem Extension Kit (TVESK)

stem extension kit.png
  • The ultimate solution for customizing valve stems to the precise length needed for valves. This kit is a time-saver for emergencies and a valuable asset for routine maintenance. Designed for ease of use and efficiency, the TVESK ensures you are always prepared.

    • Custom Length Creation

    • Valve Compatibility: Designed for use with a 2-inch operating nut and sleeve coupling.  

    • Reversible Centering Ring: Ensures stem alignment in the valve box, prevents debris entry, and indicates valve opening direction. 

    • Standardized Dimensions: Features a standard 2" square nut and 2" socket for universal compatibility. 

Valve Extension Stems

extension stems.png
  • Troy valve extension stems are made of carbon or 304/316 stainless steel, solid bar stock or pipe

  • All extension stems have the capacity for the following customizations:

    • Field adjustable–no welding required

    • U-joints for offset applications

    • Handwheels, operating nuts, couplings, and stem guides

Floor Boxes

Troy valve mud valve floor boxes
  • Floor boxes are installed in a concrete floor or slab and offer a non-obstructing point of operation for the valve. These should only be used with non-rising stem valves.

  • All Troy valve mud valve floor boxes are made of cast iron

  • Troy valve mud valve floor boxes have the capacity for the following customizations:

    • Bronze bushing bored to specification

    • Field adjustable to 8”, 10”, or 12” floor thickness

Stem Guides 

mud valve stem guides.png
  • Troy Valve stem guides prevent bending or buckling for reliable inline operation.

  • All Stem Guides are made of Cast Ductile Iron or cast 316 stainless steel. The bushings are either bronze or UHMW

    • Rugged cast design offers longevity and aesthetic appeal​

  •  Bore size can be tailored to your application

  • Adjustable in two directions by length and lateral wall mounting.

  • New Split Brushing Stem Guide allows for easier installation of your valve extension stem.

Lightweight Stem Guide (Rail Style)

rail stem guide.png
  • The rail style, asymmetrical stainless steel stem guide provides guidance for the reliable inline operation of long extension stems. Customized for your operation and mounted to any sturdy structure or surface, the lightweight rail style provides effortless installation and adjustability.

  • Stem Guides are used to provide support for extension stems, preventing the bending or buckling of the stem.

  • A general rule of thumb is that support is provided so that the slenderness ratio (length/radius) does not exceed 200.

  • Lightweight Rail Style Stem Guides are easier to install and have greater adjustability than standard stem guides.

Hand Wheels

  • Troy Valve hand wheel valves simplify operations without sacrificing control. With a design focused on minimal maintenance, these valves offer a cost-effective solution for precise flow management. 

  • All hand wheels are made of cast iron (13" & 18"), cast aluminum (16") and cast stainless steel (13" & 18”).

  • ​Customization option: add a spinner to facilitate faster and more comfortable adjustments. 

Troy valve grease fitting remote lubrication system

Troy Valve’s own grease fitting (remote lubrication system) makes maintenance of your t-valve quicker and easier by eliminating the need to climb into the tank or drain it each time the valve needs lubricated. Simply inject the grease using a grease gun, and it will be pumped directly down to the proper location on the slip tube. The grease fitting helps keep the companion flange working when routinely exposed to atmosphere. It is also ideal for use in a dry application.

Sealing Valve Box/Floor Box Lid

sealing valve.png
  • The Sealing Floor Box Lid is designed to keep water, dirt, bugs, and gasses from getting in or out of your valve box. With its lock-in-place feature and compression seal, you never have to worry about keeping everything in your valve box safe, clean, and dry.

  • A Sealing Valve Box/Floor Box Lid locks the compression seal in place to keep all water, dirt, bugs, and gasses from getting in or out of the valve box.

  • The cast in lip allows operators to easily lift the lid out of the valve box, making the need to dislodge the lid with a screwdriver from the inside obsolete.

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