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Telescoping Valves

Telescoping valves are engineered for optimal performance in water containment and treatment applications. Our telescopic valves are ideal for maintaining precise water levels in tanks, lagoons, ponds, and water and wastewater plants. Designed to siphon clean water without disturbing sediment, these valves are essential for efficient water management and sediment control. 

  • Buna-N MJ Gasket - This unique design seals better than Teflon or Neoprene and allows for fast repair and maintenance without removing slip tube

  • Safety lock

  • Comes in a range of slip tube sizes (available in all standard pipe sizes up to 30”)

  • Corrosion resistant materials

  • Troy valve offers the following optional features on their telescoping valves: V-notches, scum baffles and weir cones are available, enabling better process control

Rising Telescoping Valves

Troy valve rising telescoping valve
  • Rising telescoping valves are used when gross indication of the valve’s position is desired during siphoning or regulating fluid levels. There are two models of rising telescoping valves to choose from depending on the needs of your application.

  • Sports a rack and pinion design which allows longer travel to be achieved with an easier installation process than traditional screw types.

  • By design, this model doesn’t need anti-rotation.

  • A worm gear (self-locking mechanism) allows for safer, easier operation and infinite adjustment of the valve. The gear box helps the valve hold its position and not settle over time. Components are easy to replace for quick, economical maintenance. The gearbox forms a right angle from the stem, enabling the handwheel to extend closer to the operator.

Non-Rising Telescoping Valves

Troy valve Non-Rising Telescoping Valves
  • Non-rising telescoping valves (t-valves) are useful in applications with a low overhead clearance or the need for rapid actuation during siphoning or regulating fluid levels.

  • By design, this model doesn’t need anti-rotation. Unique to Penn-Troy, this feature is crucial to your t-valve. Anti-rotation reassures that your efforts aren’t wasted with a slip tube that’s just turning in place.

  • A custom quadruple lead ACME thread allows the valve 16 turns per foot of travel for quick operation.

T-Valve Operators

bevel gear box

An option for manual operation, bevel gears provide a greater mechanical advantage and allow actuation at floor level out of the water with a sliding stem. The box forms a right angle from the stem, enabling hand wheels to extend closer to the operator for safe offset applications.

Hand Wheel

Troy valve hand wheel
  • A simple design, hand wheels cost less and require less maintenance than bevel actuation.

  • Troy valve hand wheels are made of Cast Iron (13” & 18”), Cast Aluminum (16” & 18”) and Cast Stainless Steel (14”).

  • Troy valve offers and optional spinner for faster, easier operation.

Floor Stand

troy valve floor stand
  • Choose from a variety of models, such as water tight, rising, non-rising with indication, offset or quarter turn. Learn more about our floor stands.

  • All Troy valve floor stands are made of Cast Ductile Iron and 304/316 Stainless Steel.

  • Troy valve floor stands have the capacity for the following customizations:

    • Added bevel gear actuator

    • Hand wheels

    • Height (for stainless steel)

    • Turn indication number

    • Base guide plate available

    • Anti-rotation

Stem Guides

Troy valve stem guides
  • Troy Valve stem guides prevent bending or buckling for reliable inline operation of the extension stem.

  • All Stem Guides are made of Cast Ductile Iron or cast stainless steel. The bushings are either bronze or UHMW

  • Troy valve stem guides for mud valves have the capacity for the following customizations:

    • Custom bushing materials

    • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations

Electric Actuator

Troy valve electric actuator

Get remote operation and controlled torque settings for easy action.Get remote operation and controlled torque settings for easy action.

Grease Fitting (Remote Lubrication System)

Troy valve grease fitting remote lubrication system

Troy Valve’s own grease fitting (remote lubrication system) makes maintenance of your t-valve quicker and easier by eliminating the need to climb into the tank or drain it each time the valve needs lubricated. Simply inject the grease using a grease gun, and it will be pumped directly down to the proper location on the slip tube. The grease fitting helps keep the companion flange working when routinely exposed to atmosphere. It is also ideal for use in a dry application.

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