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Butterfly Valves

DeZURIK carries a full line of butterfly valves for use in many industries from Water/Wastewater to HVAC to Industrial applications. Of the highest quality, backed by decades of satisfied customers, DeZURIK butterfly valves are highly sought after and provide the lowest cost of ownership of any brand.

DeZURIK AWWA Butterfly Valves are designed for applications throughout water and wastewater treatment plants, water distribution systems, power plants, and industrial plants. AWWA Butterfly Valves can be applied in applications demanding high-quality and thoroughly tested valves which offer many years of trouble-free service.


DeZURIK AWWA Butterfly Valves meet the requirements of AWWA C504 and C516 standards. They are used for shutoff on clean water and gases. Offset disc design, corrosion resistant shaft, stainless steel disc edge, and self-compensating shaft seals are features on all DeZURIK AWWA valves. Molded-in body seat with disc locators provides positive sealing and longer seat life on sizes 3-20” (80-500mm). Large valves, 24-144” (600-3600mm), feature adjustable, replaceable seat, non-hollow disc structure, and rubber seat retained within a dovetail groove in the valve body and locked in place by an epoxy wedge.



  • Fully Rubber Lined Body (3-20”)

  • Choice of resilient seat materials

  • 4° Sealing Surface

  • Molded-In Body Seat

  • Disc Locators (disk centering device)

  • Integral Shaft Bearing Seals

  • Offset Disc Design

  • Stainless Steel Disc Edge

  • Adjustable, Replaceable Seat (24” and larger)

DeZURIK BHP High Performance Butterfly Valves are specially designed for applications in the chemical, hydrocarbon processing, pulp & paper, water & wastewater and HVAC industries worldwide. The valve was designed with an understanding that
process industries need products that provide exceptional performance while reducing the total cost of ownership.

BHP butterfly valves have been rigorously tested to meet industry performance requirements. A fully supported one-piece shaft and heavy-duty bearings ensure perfect alignment of seat and disc leading to long life and trouble-free performance.

DeZURIK offers a wide variety of seat options including PTFE seat, reinforced PTFE seat, flexible metal seat and a dual seat. DeZURIK BHP Butterfly Valves combine extreme service capabilities with features which have been time-tested for over 30 years.

BHP butterfly valves are designed to handle everything from general applications to viscous and corrosive liquids; corrosive gases; and steam.


  • Wafer or Lugged Body Styles 2-60”

  • Face-to-face dimensions in compliance with API 609, MSS SP-68 and ASME

  • Full Bi-Directional Seating

  • Offset Disc Design

  • One-Piece Stainless Steel Shaft

  • Solid Disc-To-Shaft Pinning

  • Disc Centered In Body/Seat

  • Multiple Shaft Bearings

  • Metal Seated Valves Incorporate an Independent Static Seal

  • NSF/ANSI 61, 372 Certified for Drinking Water

  • Fire-Tested Per API 607 Standard (Fyre-Block option)


  • Spring & Pressure Assisted Soft Seats

  • High-Temperature & Low-Temperature Metal Seats

  • Dual Seat Design

BOS-US Uninterrupted Seat Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves are used to handle a wide variety of liquids and gases, including water, air, petroleum, and noncorrosive chemicals. BOS-US Valves are extensively used in hot-process applications, in mining operations, in paper mills, and in environments requiring up to 28"-Hg (710mm-Hg) of vacuum.

In thousands of installations worldwide, DeZURIK BOS-US Valves have a proven record of long-term reliability, throttling control, value-added design features and unmatched economy.

BOS-US valves feature an uninterrupted seat design, one-piece body, solid one-piece shaft and a high performance resilient seat. Sizes 2-20” (50-500mm) feature seat bonded to the body while sizes 24” (600mm) and larger feature a seat bonded to a solid backing ring.



  • Uninterrupted Seat Design

  • Superior Bonded Seats

  • Bearings for Reliable Operation

  • Shaft Seals for Maximum Reliability

  • Blowout Proof Shaft

  • NSF-61/NSF-372 Certified

BOS-CL On-Center Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves are designed to handle a wide variety of liquids and gases. They are available in lugged 2-24" (50-600mm) ductile Iron body design with discs of nylon coated ductile iron, 316 stainless steel or aluminum bronze. BOS-CL valves feature  a one-piece body, high performance seat bonded to a solid backing ring, three heavy duty bearings, and a blow-out proof shaft.

On-Center Seat design provides a streamlined disc with high flow capacity. Designed for both on-off and throttling, the BOS-CL provides bi-directional shutoff to the full rating of the valve. BOS-CL Valves provide bubble tight shutoff, and can be used on dead end service with downstream flange attached. For high strength and corrosion resistance, three disc material choices are available: Ductile Iron Nylon Coated, 316 Stainless Steel and Aluminum Bronze.


The BOS-CL seat bonding process ensures the seat is held firmly in place and provides a long lasting, maintenance free seal. The seat is bonded to a rigid backing ring which reduces flexing and fatigue


DeZURIK has specially designed the BTG Tail Gas High Performance Butterfly Valve to meet the rigorous requirements of services where polymerization or solidification of media can prevent valve operation. BTG Tail Gas Butterfly Valves are used for tail gas service in refinery sulfur recovery units, polymer processing or adhesive manufacturing.

DeZURIK standard BHP High Performance Butterfly Valves are available with standard steam jackets for less rigorous requirements, but BTG Tail Gas Valves include unique features which keep the valve at process temperature and protect critical bearing and seat areas. In addition to steam jacketing the body, internal steam passage ports are located near the upper and lower body bearings. These features prevent hydrogen sulfide and other media from solidifying, freezing the bearings, damaging the seat and preventing tight shutoff.

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