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Position Indicators

Troy Valve position indicators are designed to let valve operators know precisely what position their valve is in, regardless of the industry or application. You no longer need to struggle to see small hash marks to determine how many turns you made. Troy Valve’s easy to read numerical readout makes it easy to see the valve’s current position.

  • You can use the same indicator on a valve that requires only one turn or a valve that takes up to 9,999 turns. 

  • Easy to read numbers on a mechanical readout.

  • Highly accurate within 1/10th of a turn.

  • Water resistant housing: A combination of stainless steel and plastic parts make this one of the most durable position indicators available today. 

  •  Can be mounted on stem guides, floor stands, or in a floor box.

  • One size fits all

Troy Valve Position Indicator

position indicator.png
  • The Troy Valve position indicator is a five-digit digital indicator for reading a valve position directly obtained by rotating a shaft.

  • Self-extinguishing crash technopolymer case.

  • IP64 protection.

  • Temperature maximum 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Reading with a front-facing view. Five-digit counter (standard red digit to indicate tenths). Read to 99999.

Telescopic Indicating Floor Box

telescopic position indicator.png
  • The Telescopic Indicating Floor box is designed for concrete floor or slab and valve box riser installation. The indicator includes a valve box adaptor, an indicator with easy-to-read numerical readout of up to 9,999.9 turns, and a telescoping extension stem adaptor. With no tools required and a range of extensions, installation is quick and easy.

  • The telescoping floor box offers quick, tool-free installation within a range of extensions and can be removed without removing the entire box.

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