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  • John Braun

Streamlined Maintenance: Replacing Packing on a DeZURIK Plug Valve Without Actuator Disassembly

Updated: Mar 1

Maintaining valve performance is essential for the smooth operation of municipal water systems. This article presents a step-by-step guide to replacing packing on a DeZURIK plug valve without disassembling the actuator or taking the valve out of the line and performing major valve disassembly. This approach offers significant advantages to municipalities by minimizing downtime and streamlining maintenance procedures.

Plug Valves in assembly at Dezurik


Municipalities rely heavily on plug valves to control flow in their treatment and distribution systems. They are the best wastewater valves. These valves are subjected to wear and tear over time, necessitating periodic maintenance. Traditionally, replacing valve packing required disassembling the actuator and removing the valve from service, resulting in extended downtime. This article outlines a method that allows municipalities to replace packing without these inconveniences, optimizing maintenance efficiency.

Advantages of Non-Disassembly Packing Replacement

Performing packing replacement without disassembling the actuator and removing the valve offers several key advantages to municipalities:

  • Minimized Downtime: Keeping wastewater and water systems operational is crucial. By avoiding the need to shut down the valve and remove it from service, downtime is significantly reduced, minimizing disruption to water distribution.

  • Cost Savings: Decreased downtime translates to cost savings for municipalities. Labor hours, equipment rental, and potential revenue loss due to interrupted water supply are all minimized.

  • Enhanced Safety: Disassembling complex systems can introduce safety risks to maintenance personnel. Non-disassembly packing replacement reduces the chances of accidents during the maintenance process.

  • Extended Valve Life: Proper maintenance extends the life of valves. Regular packing replacement prevents leaks and damage, reducing the frequency of major repairs or replacements.

  • Streamlined Maintenance: Simplifying maintenance procedures increases the efficiency of maintenance teams, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

The parts required are identified here:

Step-by-Step Guide to Non-Disassembly Packing Replacement

Follow these steps to replace packing on a DeZURIK plug valve without disassembling the actuator. A piece of wire, pliers, packing removal tool, needle nose pliers, flathead screwdriver, side cutter, and slicing tool are all required.

Step 1: Safety First

Always ensure proper safety measures are in place, including lockout/tagout procedures for the actuator and personal protective equipment (PPE). Ensure the plug is at the lowest position so it does not swing due to gravity.

Step 2: Isolate the Valve

Discontinue pipeline flow and relieve pipeline pressure.

Step 3: Remove the Packing gland

The two packing adjustment screws (A8) need to be removed as well as, the packing gland (A11).

Step 4: Remove Old Packing

Carefully remove the old packing material using the appropriate tools. Ensure any debris or pieces of old packing are out of the chamber.

Step 5: Insert New Packing

Slice each packing ring radially, slide around the shaft then Insert the new packing material evenly into the packing space. The sequence is male packing adaptor, packing rings then female packing adaptor, bottom-up from the figure below. Make sure to stagger the sliced areas of each ring.

Step 6: Reassembly

Put the packing gland back into place and reinstall the studs (A12). Put the nuts (A13) back on the studs and tighten the packing gland. Turn the gland nuts until they touch the gland then one more turn.

Step 7: Restore Pipeline Pressure

Test for leaks. If leakage occurs tighten each packing nut just enough to stop the leakage.

Step 8: Document and Maintain

Record the maintenance activity and update the maintenance schedule. Regularly inspect the valve to ensure continued functionality.

Better yet watch this video of the entire process:


Plug valve packing replacement shouldn’t require extensive maintenance. Require that your facilities plug valves can be repacked without actuator or valve disassembly. Make sure new valves are specified this way and the engineer holds the specification. Enjoy reduced downtime, cost savings, enhanced safety, and extended valve life. Choose easy.


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