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  • John Braun

DeZURIK APCO SMARTCHECK Pump Control Valve: Surge-Free Operation, Energy Efficient, Easy Maintenance

Updated: Mar 1


In the realm of flow control, the DeZURIK APCO SMARTCHECK Pump Control Valve (CPC) stands as a beacon of innovation and performance. This valve has been designed with a deep understanding of surge theory and the critical period concept. Traditionally pump control valves have drawbacks ranging from requiring expensive hydraulic systems to being energy inefficient and maintenance headaches. The gold standard has long been how to solve these issues by incorporating the benefits of a lever and weight high-performance swing check valve with a controllable opening and closing time and the maintenance-free electric motor operator while retaining an emergency close capability. Enter DeZURIK’s CPC. It integrates seamless operation, energy efficiency, emergency closing features, and maintenance-friendly design. In this article, we delve into the specifics of this impressive pump control valve and its pivotal role in maintaining smooth operations in various industries.

  • Surge-Free Operation: A Foundation Built on Surge Theory and Critical Period

The APCO SMARTCHECK Pump Control Valve (CPC) is designed to provide surge-free operation, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the pumping system. This operation is based on surge theory and critical period (the time it takes for a pressure wave to travel down the pipeline and return after a sudden change in fluid velocity).

By examining the transient analysis and surge characteristics of a pumping system and designing the opening and closing times of the pump control valve, surge-free operation can be achieved by avoiding rapid changes in fluid velocity. This means the valve can open and close in 10 or more critical periods during regular operation. For instance, if the critical period of a pumping system is 3 seconds the CPC will open and close in 30 seconds or more. Due to the friction in the pipeline and fluid dynamics, the surge wave is essentially nullified in 10 or more critical periods.

  • Energy Efficiency: Enhancing Performance and Reducing Costs

The DeZURIK APCO SMARTCHECK Valve (CPC) is designed to be energy efficient. One of the most energy-efficient and dependable check valves on the market is the heavy-duty DeZURIK/APCO model 6000 high-performance lever and weight swing check valve. This is the exact valve body used in the CPC. In the era of energy efficiency and resiliency, inefficient pump control valves (such as angled body designs) are going the way of the dinosaur. The CPC’s valve body makes it a sustainable choice for fluid handling systems but also offers cost-saving benefits. Its design minimizes energy consumption, reducing operational costs and plant/pumping system carbon footprint.

  • Emergency Close: Reliability in Unpredictable Scenarios

A weakness in using an electric motor for a pump control valve is that they fail in place upon loss of power. A unique feature is the Smartcheck's torque unit, which allows the valve to close as a standard swing check valve in the event of power loss. This ensures that even in challenging circumstances, the valve can function safely and effectively, providing additional peace of mind to operators. This feature is essential in preventing damage to equipment during sudden shutdowns or power losses. You can now have your maintenance-free electric motor operator and also emergency close. Having your cake and eating it too, easy day!

  • Efficiency, Reliability, Maintenance-Friendly, Long Service Life, Cost Effective, Surge Eliminator: What are you waiting for?

The design of the DeZURIK/APCO SMARTCHECK Valve (CPC) is revolutionary. No longer does a plant need to invest in costly hydraulic and pneumatic systems to achieve energy-efficient surge control in a standard pumping application for a pipeline 20” and below. While Ball and Cone valves rule the roost in larger and more demanding applications such as a main sewage pump, these benefits can now be had at a fraction of the cost with the CPC. A valve that a plant can put in and it does its job while saving the municipality pumping and maintenance costs while protecting vital equipment.


In an era where efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance are paramount, the DeZURIK APCO SMARTCHECK Pump Control Valve (CPC) shines as a superior check valve solution for most applications. With its surge-free operation, energy-efficient design, emergency close functionality, and maintenance-friendly features, it delivers industry-leading performance. By understanding and applying the principles of surge theory and critical period, it offers a significant operational advantage, protecting equipment and streamlining processes across a range of industries. Contact your area DeZURIK representative today for more information.


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