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Multi-Turn Gearboxes

Multi-turn gearboxes can be formed by combining multi-turn actuators with AUMA spur and bevel gearboxes to increase the torque or to reposition the output shaft. The gearboxes can of course also be used on manually operated valves.

  • High pressures call for multi-turn actuators providing high torques. By combining a multi-turn actuator with a GHT multi-turn gearbox, the torque range can be expanded to 88,000 ft-lbs.

  • GK bevel gearboxes will be used if the operating direction is to be displaced by 90°.

  • Thus, the output torque can be increased many times.

spur gearbox.png
  • If the drive shaft is to be positioned at a certain angle to the output drive shaft, combinations of the multi-turn actuators SA with AUMA spur gearboxes GST are used.

  • The output torque can be increased many times.

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