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Part-Turn Gearboxes

Part-turn gearboxes can be applied wherever a 90° swivel movement is required for the operation of an obturator. GS part-turn gearboxes combined with SA multi-turn actuators act as part-turn actuators. Consequently, nominal torques up to 675,000 Nm can be achieved. These combinations complement the SQ type range for part-turn valves.

GS are suitable for open-close and modulating duty. Both swing angle > 90° as well as multi-turn applications are possible.

GQB gearboxes are suitable for applications requiring a simple, cost-efficient gearbox. GQB are exclusively designed for open-close duty and positioning mode. The swing angle is limited to a maximum of 90°. GHE part-turn gearboxes are used for manual operation of part-turn valves on ships.

If due to a lack of space, valves such as butterfly valves can only be operated via a lever arrangement.

Gearboxes GHE

Gearboxes GHE for manually operated valves seldom operated

  • Despite high levels of automation there are still valves that are manually operated. This is especially the case when the corresponding valve must only be opened or closed very seldom.

  • The range GHE with bronze housing is ideally suited to the operation of part-turn valves (butterfly valves and ball valves) which are preferably used in ship-building.

Gearboxes GQB

Gearboxes GQB for use with part turn valves

  • Type of duty: Short-time duty S2 – 15 min (open-close duty)

  • Operation modes:

    • Manual operation directly with handwheel

    • Motor operation (by electric multi-turn actuator

  • Gearboxes are always provided with an input mounting flange.

  • Clockwise rotation at input shaft results in clockwise rotation at output drive.

Gearboxes GS

Gearboxes GS for operation of part-turn valves and special valves

  • Type of duty: Short-time duty S2 – 15 min (Open-close duty) and inching/positioning

  • Intermittent duty S4 – 25 % (Modulating duty only bronze).

  • They can either be operated in:

    • manual operation directly via handwheel

    • motor operation (electric multi-turn actuator)

  • Swing angle 0° to 190° or multi-turn without endstop.

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