Representing DeZURIK for over 50 years


Project Design and Consultation

Tek-Sales routinely works closely with Engineers on project design and specification. We offer:

  • Valve selection based on service
  • Slide, Sluice and Weir Gate Design and Specification
  • Pump Station Surge Analysis
  • Air Valve placement and sizing
  • Full cut sheet and CAD’s of equipment
  • Suggested specifications
  • Budgetary quotes
  • Lunch and Learn/Brown Bag lectures
  • Gate valve design
  • Access to manufacturer lead engineers

Quotes and Submittals

In many case Tek-Sales can provide quotes, submittals and re-submittals quickly. We offer:

  • Same day project quotes
  • Complete submittals, in most cases, in under 24 hours
  • Re-submittal turn around in under 24 hours
  • Consultation with reviewing engineer to expedite submittal approval
  • Factory production and project manager synchronization to ensure smooth product delivery
  • Project site visits for technical consultation

Service and Maintenance

Tek-Sales has some of the best valve and gate specialists in the Industry on staff.

  • Consultation on Valve and Gate Maintenance issues
  • 24/7 service calls on products sold
  • Spare parts consultation
  • Valve and Gate installation resources
  • Instant access to manufacturers field service personnel
  • Fast delivery on spare parts

Actuation & Start Up Services

Tek-Sales has many years of expertise in actuating valves. In addition, we are a certified DeZURIK actuation center and can perform start up on any actuated DeZURIK product. We can:

  • Actuate any valve we sell as per customer requirements to include Manual, Electric Motor, Pneumatic or Hydraulic
  • Install, Mount, Configure, Test, and Warranty
  • Provide all technical diagrams and troubleshoot valve actuator maintenance issues in the field
  • Replace obsolete or inoperable actuators with modern equivalents
  • Provide mounting hardware and spare parts


Tek-Sales provides access to represented manufacturers’ vast resources. 

  • Installation, Assembly, and Component Drawings
  • Technical manuals and information
  • O&M’s
  • CAD’s
  • Material Certifications
  • Testing Certifications
  • Witness Testing
  • Specialized product design and engineering
  • On-site consulting at no charge

Quick Ship Program

Tek-Sales is able to provide quick delivery and in-house valve servicing from its own warehouse as well as leverage manufacturers’ quick delivery programs.

  • Standard product same-day shipping to include 4″ and 6″ DeZURIK plug valves with 2″ nut
  • Valve and actuator servicing and restoration
  • Full-service loading dock
  • Packaging and shipment
  • Large warehouse available to stage and ship orders complete

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