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Check Valves

Check Valves are used to allow flow through a pipeline in one direction and prevent flow (check) from returning in the opposite direction. Check valves are commonly installed on the discharge side of the pump. The most important role of a check valve is to act as the automatic shut off valve when the pump stops to prevent draining of the system. Pressure Surge (Water Hammer) can be greatly controlled by selecting the correct check valve. DeZURIK factory trained representatives and application engineers can assist you in sizing and selecting the correct check valve for your application.


Smart Check Valves

The SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve with integrated swing check and electric motor operator combines the functionality of a full-featured pump control valve with the best features of APCO’s CVS-6000 swing check valve. It is the valve you need when you want to control pressure surge during pump startup and shutdown, and close when the pump stops - even during a power outage. The electric motor actuator eliminates the need for hydraulic actuation providing the most economical solution, the lowest cost of ownership and the least maintenance. There are no pressurized hydraulic oil lines to leak, no solenoids or strainers to maintain, and no hydraulic power unit is required.

SmartCHECK Pump Control Valves are available in sizes 4-20” (100-500mm). They are constructed of ASTM 536 ductile iron with 17-4 PH stainless steel shaft. The disc seat is durable Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) for extended life. The body seat is Type 316 stainless steel. Flanged ends are faced and drilled per ASME B16.1 class 125 or 250, ASME B16.42 class 150 or 300

Swing Check Valves

All APCO Swing Check Valves (CVS-6000/6000A, CVS-250/250A and CVS-EDV) are used to prevent the back flow of fluid by closing before flow reversal, thereby preventing slam and water hammer. APCO Swing Check Valves have been successfully installed in clean and dirty applications including sewage treatment, water treatment, water distribution, industrial water and wastewater services. The designs meet or exceed the current revision of AWWA standard C508.

APCO CVS-6000/6000A Valves available in sizes 2-66” (50-1700mm), can be rated up to 640 psi CWP (4400 kPa) and are available with ANSI Class 125/150 or Class 250/300 flanges. Constructed with a heavy ductile iron body. Closure control devices include Air Cushioned Cylinder, Oil Controlled Cylinder, Bottom Mounted Buffer, Lever & Spring and Lever & Weight. In addition, the CVS-6000/6000A may be ordered as convertible model that allows field conversion of the closure device.

APCO CVS-250/250A Valves available in sizes 2-42” (50-1100mm), are rated to 250 psi CWP (1725 kPa) and are available with ANSI Class 125/150 flanges. Constructed with a heavy cast or ductile iron body. Closure control devices include Air Cushioned Cylinder, Lever & Spring and Lever & Weight.

APCO CVS-EDV Valves available in sizes 3-30” (80-750mm), are rated to 250 psi CWP (1725 kPa) and are available with ANSI Class 125/150 flanges. They are constructed of NSF epoxy lined and coated 12 mil Dry Film Thickness (DTF) ductile iron bodies and covers. Closure control devices include Air Cushioned Cylinder, Lever & Spring and Lever & Weight.


Rubber Flapper Swing Check Valves

Rubber Flapper Swing Check Valves feature a unique, simple design with only one moving part. The flapper does not swing from a hinge pin; it simply flexes open. The seat is on a 45° angle. The flapper travels 35° from open to closed, usually before column reversal can occur. It has non-slam characteristics. The valve requires no regular maintenance. Recommended for water, sewage, gas, oil and rubber lined for chemicals.


Slanting Disk Check Valves

With decades of experience to guarantee reliability and outstanding performance, APCO CSD Slanting Disk Check Valves are ruggedly designed with superior flow characteristics, minimal head loss and maximum slam resistance. Slanting disc check valves are the most reliable and efficient check valves available. APCO CSD Slanting Disc Check Valves are available in sizes 2-72" (50-1800mm) with ASME 125/150 flanged end connections or 2-48" (50-1200mm) with ASME 250/300 flanges. They are ideally suited for clean municipal/industrial water and other industrial liquid applications. 


Silent Check Valves

CSC Silent Check Valves are designed to prevent water hammer by positively closing before reversal of flow can occur. The valve closes silently, is low in cost, reliable and requires no regular maintenance. Silent Check Valves are commonly used in vertical turbine pump installations when pumping from a well to an elevated reservoir. They are also recommended for commercial and industrial HVAC applications such as heating systems and condensate return lines. When specified, the APCO CSC Silent Check Valves are Factory Mutual System Approved for use on hazardous firefighting equipment and fire protection systems.

Available with wafer or globe style bodies, sizes range from 1-42" (15-1100mm). They are available with Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel or 316 Stainless Steel bodies with ASME 125/150 or ASME 250/300 end connections.


Double Door Check Valves

Double Door Check Valves are designed to automatically prevent back-flow in systems where it is desirable to permit flow in one direction and prevent flow in the opposite direction. Double door check valves are recommended for clean liquids and gasses and have an excellent performance reputation in refineries, petrochemical, gas liquefaction, other process industries, and HVAC applications because of their cost-efficient design and non-slam properties. The low weight and short laying length saves initial cost, requires less space, and is easier to install when compared to full-body, swing-type check valves. APCO carbon steel and stainless steel CDD Double Door Check Valves meet ASME/API 594 face-to-face dimensions and ASME B16.5 Flange Dimension