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The Fontaine-Aquanox series 25 gate is a three side sealing water control gate entirely fabricated from stainless steel, designed to control water flows in open channels.


  • Wastewater 

  • Potable Water

Series 25 Fontaine Channel Gates
  • Due to its Stainless Steel construction, the series 25 has a very good corrosion and erosion resistance and can be operated for many years with minimum maintenance.

    • The fabricated Stainless Steel construction allows a very large design flexibility, the result being a lighter weight and easier-to-install channel gate.

    • The stainless steel frame on the series 25 is most often used as embedded into the walls of a new channel. It is also offered in flange back type for installation on a concrete wall at the end of a channel or for installation in an existing channel. The frame can be either open (no yoke) or self-contained configurations, providing a solid one-piece gate. In the case of an open frame with operator, an operating floor located over the channel to support the pedestal is necessary.

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