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Oneida WWTP Upgrade

Tek-Sales worked in concert with Oneida County, Brown and Caldwell, OBG and GHD on the design of the Oneida WWTP. This work was spread over several contracts with CO Falter contractors. Tek-Sales/DeZURIK installed numerous products ranging from small manual plug valves to large 100% port PEF pump check valves to control surge for the new pumps. Our surge analysis efforts allow for surge free normal operation of the pumps as well as emergency close in the case of power loss. Oneida WWTP is prone to seasonal flooding and the DeZURIK products have been engineered to operate in such conditions through actuator design and also extensions raising electric motor operators above the flood level.

Oneida has long enjoyed the quality of DeZURIK valves and will continue to do so for decades to come.

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