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Part-Turn Actuators

In compliance with ISO 5211, part-turn actuators transmit torque to the valve for a rotation of one revolution or less. They do not have to be capable of withstanding axial thrust. Part-turn valves – such as butterfly valves and ball valves – are often designed in multi-turn versions. SQ part-turn actuators are equipped with internal end stops to allow precise approaching of end positions during handwheel Operation.

FQM and FQMEx fail safe unit
  • With their new FQM fail safe unit, AUMA offers innovative and safe actuator solutions for automatic operation of valves in case of emergencies making use of stored mechanical energy.

  • Constant torque curve with torques from 150 Nm to 1,200°Nm.

  • The spring is not operated during standard operation. Thanks to the overriding gear arrangement, the constant force spring is disengaged during normal operation and does not need to be operated.

  • The end position switches are automatically set during the setting procedure of end positions OPEN and CLOSED and do not require separate adjustment.

SQ and SQR Actuators
  • Actuators of the SQ type range for open-close duty and positioning duty are rated for class A and B or types of duty S2 – 15 min.

  • The modulating actuators of the SQR range are rated for class C or types of duty S4 - 25%.

  • Actuators of type range SQ/SQR can be combined with various controls from simple OPEN-CLOSE control to the micro-controlled version with logging of operating data or fieldbus interface.

SQV and SQRV Actuators
  • With SQV.2 part-turn actuators for open-close duty and SQRV.2 for modulating duty paired with ACV.2 actuator controls, the proven AUMA SQ/SQR range is enhanced by variable operating time models. AUMA is spearheading market technology, offering a wide operating time range with a ratio of up to 1:10

  • Actuators of the SQV type range are rated for open-close duty and positioning duty (classes A and B) / (short-time duty S2 – 15 min).

  • Actuators of the SQRV type range are rated for modulating duty (class C) S4 – 25 %.

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